3D Printing Product Comparator and Market Analysis Tool

3D Printing Product Comparator and Market Analysis Tool

A Business Intelligence solution for users and enterprises

Product Catalogue

Product lists
Featured products
Deep technical specs
Comments & assessments

Technical Comparator

Different technologies
Parameter categories
More than 2 products
Interactive UI

Advanced Search Engine

Tenchical features
Standards compliance

Manufacturers Directory

Sorted categories
Product catalogue
Geolocation and Maps
Public and social profile
Offices and resellers

World Map

Manufacturers and resellers world map
Geo tags
Geo fences
Geo search functions
Closeness information

Bussiness Intelligence

Market analysis
Heat maps
BI dashboards

BI analysis tool


Manufacturer insights

Manufacturer insights features
  • Product statistics
  • Competitor products
  • Customer segmentation
  • Demand distribution
  • Competitors trends
  • Product advice
  • Marketing advice
  • Brand ranking

Market insights

Market insights features
  • Technology trends
  • Business trends
  • Demand trends
  • Market volume
  • Inner vs import/export
  • Key product features
  • Product ranking
  • Brand ranking
  • Country ranking
Cutting-edge innovations for brand new markets
FABulous has put lot of efforts in creating and supporting a FI service ecosystem for 3D printing technologies, bringing together infrastructures and investors with innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of design, manufacturing, logistic and content-based services.